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Shortcut to: Showcases helps build trust by providing independent validation of references, projects and impact through cities, global experts, and stakeholders.

Trust is the essence of markets and innovation

New approaches can transform services in cities and helps providers build an accurate understanding of their achievements and impact.


87% of Cities do not trust references by providers offers providers tools to engage independent stakeholders to validate project references and so build trust in information on the track record of a Showcase.


Validate your track record to increase loyalty.

By inviting your stakeholders to validate your track record you gain certification and increased credibility in the marketplace.


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  • How we validate your
    Track Record


    Step 1:

    Create a Showcase

    Access “My” to create a Showcase for each of your solutions.

  • How we validate your
    Track Record


    Step 2:

    Create Projects for the Showcase

    Have you implemented the solution? If yes, create Projects for your showcase to show where and how your solution was implemented, as well as who was involved.

  • How we validate your
    Track Record


    Step 3:

    Invite Stakeholders to Validate your Project

    When three or more Stakeholders have validated the project facts, the project will be published and a Project Certificate will be issued.

  • How we validate your
    Track Record


    Step 4:

    Stakeholders Validate
    Facts Online in Minutes

    At least three stakeholders, with no conflicts of interest have to validate the Project Facts.

  • How we validate your
    Track Record


    Step 5:

    We Issue a Validation

    Once the Project is validated, we issue a Project Certificate that can be requested by users viewing your Showcase.

  • How we validate your
    Track Record


    Your Solution Will Rank
    First in the Search Results

    Showcases with validated Projects will rank first in our search engine. Cities can directly contact you for the ID and PIN needed to view your Project Certificate.


92% of providers seek third-party validation. meets provider needs by delivering third party validations through evaluations by cities and stakeholders of past projects.


What makes a perfect Showcase?

Showcases are more than a description of your solution; they present validation data collected from experts, stakeholders, Calls for Solutions and cities.


Farglory gains certification from smart communities

Which Validation? offers different models of validation to meet your needs:

Track Record Validation

Trust in the accuracy of your project references is invaluable to build trust in your solutions and credibility.

Cities are skeptical when it comes to project references, with 87% reporting that they do not trust information by providers. Instead, cities typically (66%) rely on their employees’ informal contacts in the business community to verify capabilities. Showcases can build a Track Record made up of project references. These are only published (and certified) when at least three independent Stakeholders have confirmed that the basic facts you provided are accurate. Showcase owners remain in control throughout the process.

Inviting your Stakeholders is also an important way to build loyalty by recognizing the contributions made by your clients, partners, users and others to build a success.

Please see the “Build Your Track Record” section below for more information. If you would like to discuss this service, please contact Adele Madonia at am[at]

City Evaluation

Cities trust third-party evaluations most if they are carried out by other cities.

Each time you submit to a Call for Solutions, the issuing city will appoint a Jury to evaluate your solution according to its relevance to the challenge, innovation, impact, ability to execute and market potential. These scores are invaluable feedback about your solutions which you can choose to publish or inspire improvements in your solution and communication. If you are recognized with an Award, Nomination or Recognition these are issued as badges that you can publish in your Showcase.

See Connecthings Validated Track Record
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Build Your Track Record: How to Validate Projects

You can build a validated Track Record for each Showcase, generating certifications that will build trust in your solutions and information.

1- Create a Showcase

Access “My” to create a Showcase for each of you solutions at no cost.

2- You Create the Projects that make up your Track Record

Once your Showcase is complete, you can build the Track Record by adding Projects. These can be completed or live Projects at any stage from Idea to Full Deployment. Next to the basic facts, you can add multimedia, documents, reports.

3- You Invite Stakeholders to Your Project

A Stakeholder can be anyone involved in making the project happen, from your internal team members, to your partners, clients and even users. It is a great way to recognize those that supported the realization and gives them a space to share experiences. Stakeholders are in full control of their privacy and visibility.

4- Stakeholders Validate Facts Online in Minutes

Each Stakeholder, upon accepting your invitation, makes a declaration on whether they have a Conflict of Interest in the Showcase or not to identify those that are independent and can therefore validate the facts. For example, your employees have conflicts of interest because they dependent on the project and should not validate, whilst the project managers in city hall are not.

5- We Issue a Validation Certificate

Once three or more Stakeholders have validated the basic facts of your Project (Title, Description, Stage) we will issue a Validation Certificate. This consists of two parts: a. Your Project will now appear in the Track Record of your Showcase listing the validated facts, providing access to the multimedia assets and documents, and listing the Stakeholders in line with their privacy settings (by default this is limited to Role and Organisation). b. The Certificate contains the facts that were validated and the identities of the participating Stakeholders. This certificate is not public and can only be accessed by entering the ID and PIN Code.

6- Your Clients Access Your Certificate Online

You are in full control as to who can have access to your Certificate, and users on may request access from you. You can share the Certification ID and PIN with your clients in tender documents, emails or otherwise, which they can enter at

Certificates of Excellence

Many urban and service developments claim to be ‘innovative’, ‘smart’ or ‘excellent’ without providing evidence that helps other stakeholders in business, the civic sector or government to trust the vision presented.

Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) rely on such trust to trigger the required processes of co-investment, regulatory measures or simply endorsement of plans. In the worst case, such partnering never materializes and projects trail their expectations. In the best case, concerted efforts across sectors can lead to transformative developments. works with investors and developers of major, integrated projects to organize an international expert panel to carry out a certification process. Our “Certificate of Excellence for Smart Urban Technologies” is fully aligned with the UN Global Compact’s sustainability impact dimensions of Ecology, Economy, Politics, Culture.

If you are interested in obtaining a Certificate of Excellence, contact us.

Here is how our Certificate of Excellence works:
1. The planned development is broken down into Showcases.
2. Each Showcase presents a project for validation by stakeholders.
3. Each Showcase presents calculations on investment and impact.
4. Evaluation is carried out by a global panel of city, business, academic and NGO leaders.
5. Showcases that pass the threshold are issued a “Certificate of Excellence”


Farglory, a leader in sustainable community development in Taiwan presented the plans for an investment into smart technologies for 3,000 new households in New Taipei City to a global expert panel consisting of Kista Science City, The Climate Group, Architectural Association, Danish Industries and Imperial College London.

The Certificate of Excellence is used by Farglory to build trust with national public and private stakeholders in Taiwan, as well as future residents of the community:

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