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Shortcut to:  Calls helps cities define their needs, publish them to the marketplace and discover the available solutions.

Providers travel to 100 Cities to find 1 customer.

Calls for Solutions help providers find those cities in need of their solutions and provides cities the advice and tools to evaluate the results.


Submit your Showcase to a Call for Solutions.

See which Calls for Solutions are live right now and submit your Showcase for evaluation by global cities at the click of a button.


Join LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future in its 5th Edition.

LLGA2014 | Cities Pilot the Future creates global market opportunities and accelerates efficiency and innovation in cities.


Barcelona calls for proven social innovations

Barcelona calls for solutions to tackle some of the most challenging social problems.


Interested in publishing a Call for Solutions?

Calls for Solutions are a complete service to help organizations define their needs, publish them and discover the best solutions in the global marketplace.


What is a Call for Solutions?

Since 2009, has published more than 70 Calls for Solutions in partnership with global cities covering challenges such as “The Future of Biking” in Copenhagen, “Automation of Urban Services” in Barcelona and “5 Million Affordable Housing Units” for Lagos.

Cities publish Calls for Solutions to gain systematic intelligence about available approaches to meet a need, to maximize on an opportunity to improve lives, or to solve a problem. On average, cities report, that they find 7-10x as many solutions through a Call for Solution than they would have discovered otherwise.
For providers, Calls for Solutions are published on and direct them to opportunities in cities that match their solution. Winners of past Calls for Solutions, such as Socrata, Paradox Engineering, Urbiotica, Connecthings and Nollywood Workshops have implemented successful pilots and built real-life market references, raised venture capital, built industry partnerships or succeeded in significant procurement contracts.

7 Steps of a Call for Solutions


Support in defining, validating and articulating the problem


Set-up of evaluation criteria for submissions


Publication of the Call for Solutions on


Pro-active research and discovery to find all solution candidates


Follow-up and recruitment of submissions


1-2 Round Evaluation through appointed Jurors on


Publication of Results

Interested in Publishing a Call for Solutions? offers two main options to publish a Call for Solutions:

Firstly, our flagship LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future programme provides a global campaign in which 30 cities jointly publish their challenges, participate in a 3 day meeting with nominated solution providers, and implement pilots together with winning providers. You can request more information by contacting us.

Secondly, our process and method are open to independent Calls for Solutions, organized either directly by cities or by intermediary organizations on their behalf. Your Call for Solutions will receive full support and access our team’s experience, including our research capability. Your Call for Solutions may lead to different outcomes such as Innovation Prizes, Pilot Implementations, Pre-Procurement Intelligence or serve other objectives.

If you are interested in Publishing a Call for Solutions, please contact Ana López on al[at]

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