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Shortcut to:  Showcases helps you find available solutions that meet the needs of cities and improve the quality of life for citizens.

“Nearly every problem has been solved by someone, somewhere.”

Bill Clinton shows that knowledge about available solutions will help you take better decisions and will spread proven solutions among cities.


Cities know just 10% of available solutions that meet their needs.

Market intelligence makes all the difference in deciding what approach to take for an investment or regulatory decision and avoid the high costs and risks of re-inventing the wheel.


Create your Showcase to join the marketplace.

Creating a Showcase is simple and will enable you to submit to Calls for Solutions, build your track record, get real-time market feedback. And become discoverable.


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    Contactless tags to bridge real and physical worlds
    Mobile services for Smart Cities

    Connecthings meets the challenge of giving cities the digital tool for enriching people’s mobility and cultural experience in offering real time information and contextual services in the areas of transport, cultural and touristic heritage and day-to-day life, through the implementation of contactless tags readable by any mobile phone (NFC, QR codes & SMS). see +


    Smart City Traffic Control
    Parking, Flow and Car Counting

    Worldsensing, in collaboration with other companies, is thus proud to present a complete traffic monitoring platform which is able to obtain in real-time the parking occupancy, the traffic flow and the car counting of your city. Worldsensing is an award winning company and has appeared on BBC, Wall Street Journal, among others. see +


    The new urban transport

    SKYBUS is the smart "à la carte" microbus service that takes passengers where they want at the time they want, sharing the trip with other passengers with similar trips. The SKYBUS SaaS platform manages web & mobile trip requests, allocates them to vehicles and adapts routes in real-time, taking passengers to destinations in the fastest possible way. see +


    From street lighting management to advanced smart city services
    PE.AMI Lighting Management solution

    PE.AMI Lighting Management solution enables advanced services to manage and increase the efficiency of public lighting, opening the door to smart planning, effective maintenance, resource savings, lower emissions and costs both for utility companies and communities. see +


A perfect Showcase outstands when cities are looking for solutions.


Lavasa changes the mobility behavior of its citizens

0% of cities carry out full market intelligence prior to procurement

Contact us to inquire about our research services.


Discover Solutions offers different ways to manage your needs to discover solutions.

The Showcase

At the heart of the process lies the Showcase, a description of a solution prepared by a provider according to our standardized model developed in line with global sustainability standards. Showcases are not ideas, but solutions that exist at least as prototypes and are therefore close to pilot or full deployment.


Call for Solutions
Our Call for Solution is a search service that enables you to publish your need to the marketplace and receive a response both from interested Showcases on, but also from a dedicated global search process conducted by our research team to discover all available solutions and approaches.
Once the submissions to your Call have been received, provides you and your team members a set of powerful evaluation tools to carry out the selection process, that can also be extended into a second round process. Get in touch to learn more.
Cities Pilot the Future
Every year, partners with 30 global cities to launch a joint Call for Solutions to the global marketplace. The aim of this programme is to deliver 30 pilot implementations of the most promising solutions within just 18 months, and share the results amongst cities. LLGA is carried out in a 2-round evaluation process and includes an exclusive Summit on Service Innovation in Cities. Interested? Learn more on
The Showcase Catalogue
You can access our comprehensive, searchable catalogue of Showcases here searching Showcases by tags or locations, combined with free-text search. You can start a secure conversation with a Showcase by clicking the “Get in Touch” button. Try it now!
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Case: Skybus and Lavasa

In November 2011, the City of Lavasa published a Call for Solutions as part of our LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future program. helps cities define the problem statement, which for Lavasa was entitled “Changing Private Car Use & Thought Patterns”, i.e. the mobility behavior in this new-built city in India.

Our research team then actively sought out our solutions from all over the world that could meet the challenge in a variety of different ways – such as smart bus stops, ad-hoc public transport services, or real-time information. 82 solutions were submitted and the City of Lavasa appointed a jury presided over by the City Manager and made up of key local stakeholders and international experts.

Using the evaluation tools provided on, and with input on climate change impact by the World Bank and The Climate Group, Lavasa shortlisted 5 solutions for a second round of evaluation. A detailed questionnaire formed the basis of this second round and, in May 2012, Skybus, a solution from Madrid, was announced in Rio de Janeiro.

Skybus commenced work with Lavasa just 2 weeks later, finalizing preparations to launch a pilot in Lavasa in November 2012.

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