Register Login leverages the power of an intelligent and trusted marketplace to help spread high impact solutions for cities faster and more efficiently. gets solutions deployed 3x faster.

Our structured pre-procurement process leads to much faster turn-around from Need to Deployment.


Calls for Solutions deliver 10x more market intelligence.

By publishing their needs on, Cities learn about and evaluate new ways to solve their needs.


Validations improve trust for providers in 100% of cities. gives providers the tools to get independent validation for their achievements.


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  • provides
    intelligence to local governments
    Most of the world’s population lives in a city or community with local governance. For those most vulnerable and in need, local governments often are the single most determining factor for their quality of life. Yet, spending and regulation are often carried out with incomplete knowledge about available solutions in the marketplace. provides local governments with the tools and methods for smarter investment and regulation through 10x more market intelligence.  
  • avoids the high cost of re-invention
    Many available solutions that could solve problems cheaper and create new socio-economic opportunities remain unknown to decision-makers. Instead, solutions are often re-invented at prohibitive costs and with delays. Providers of such solutions suffer by facing unsustainable costs to go to market. inspires decision-makers in cities early on about available solutions to their needs. By avoiding re-invention, solutions get delivered 90% cheaper and 3x faster.  
  • builds trust in new solutions
    87% of cities report that they do not trust information about the track record and project references from providers. Instead, they mostly resort to working with providers they know, undermining the spread of high impact solutions across communities. helps providers build credibility by providing third-party validation on their impact, references and facts from those most trusted in the market: experts from other cities and real project stakeholders.  
  • Citizens get better services. Now.
    It is the citizens that pay the price of an inefficient marketplace. To improve their lives, scarce public resources need to be invested efficiently and solutions deployed quickly. demonstrably helps local governments deliver better, even life-changing, services to citizens at significantly lower costs, risks and time to deployment.  

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Our methods and ideas are published in various articles on cities, pre-procurement and markets.


San Francisco saves big dollars and time in wireless network

Open pre-procurement process delivers 80% savings.

Early sharing of needs, documenting options and piloting solutions pay dividends for cities.


10x More Market Intelligence

Local governments, lacking market intelligence and trust in existing solutions often end up re-inventing the wheel at prohibitive costs that lie 10-20x above the cost of deploying existing solutions as well as delaying availability by 4-8 years.

Calls for Solutions published on have proven to result in delivering an average of 10x more solutions to cities than they were aware of.


77 Calls for solutions have been published by to-date by 37 global cities, leading to 25,000 evaluations carried out by more than 500 expert jurors appointed by cities using global sustainability standards. discovered 10,000 solutions previously unknown to the cities in the process.

Success Story

In 2011 the State of Lagos published a call for a solution to end the endemic DVD piracy that undermined 90% of sales of the Nollywood movie cluster. No solution had been found until then to suit the unique conditions in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. ran a global campaign that combined proactive research and recruitment of submissions with an open call that found 150 solutions and delivered 24 Showcases for evaluation to the expert jury made up of stakeholders representing the film industry, government, and international experts., a high-technology start-up from Hawaii was selected as a winning technology and Nollywood Upgrade Project was launched within just 12 months to provide strategy, financing and technology to Lagos’ film producers.

Open Pre-Procurement Pays

90% of cities develop strategies to solve their problems behind closed doors, which means that providers with alternative approaches are not aware of them and that requests for proposals single out a preferred solution.

At the same time, the vast majority of local governments do not have processes in place to evaluate new approaches – 80% report that they have no process to handle unsolicited proposals. helps cities publish Calls for Solutions at the earliest stage, when a problem is identified but no preferred approach has been determined. It is at this stage that market intelligence is most needed and most useful to cities and providers alike.

LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future takes this process one step further, by matching cities and the most promising providers to implement real-life pilots within just 12 months to provide a more complete evaluation before investment and regulatory decisions are taken.


Cities typically save 80% on procurement if they follow the process. Tangible results can be shown by San Francisco Water and Utilities Commission had attempted for three years to procure an LED lighting upgrade to cut carbon emissions in the city with an allocated $17 million budget. The problem was that none of the wireless control systems were open and flexible enough to integrate with other urban system over the coming years.

Success Story

An LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future Call on yielded 59 entries. PE.AMI was selected as the most promising solution, putting a previously unknown provider in the spotlight. PE.AMI is likely to not only provide a feasible solution within budget (or less), but also incorporate wireless control systems for at least 5 other urban systems saving millions of dollars in further technology investments. The pilot deployment went live just 6 months after selection.

Savings are incurred for San Francisco in the following ways:

-finding an hitherto unknown solution to an unresolved need;
-future cost savings of millions of dollars by not deploying parallel wireless infrastructures for e.g. parking, electric vehicle charging, traffic light controls and smart meter reading;
-saving the significant cost of procuring a wireless control system to the city’s own specifications, likely to cost 10-20x more than deploying PE.AMI, an existing solution;
-saving 30-40 months by deploying a pilot solution to evaluate impact before specification;
-likely continuation of halted LED lighting within months of completing pilot, rather than years, leading to 50% energy savings years earlier.

More Trust in 100% of Cities

In a market characterized by highly formal procurement processes, but thousands of local interpretations, trust has become a rare commodity. Typically, trust is referred to as a ‘back door’ rather than an undisputed brand or service advantage.

87% of local governments, in return, are reporting that they do not trust information and project references from providers. Instead, 67% resort to relying on ‘informal contacts by employees into the business community’ to verify the capability of solution providers. addresses this fundamental issue by leveraging technology to establish three new trust systems based on documented validations through stakeholders, cities and experts:

Project Validation – providers invite stakeholders in each project to certify the facts that are presented to future customers.
City Evaluation – Cities appoint Jurors to evaluate Showcases in the Call for Solutions process. Providers receive the full results and can publish these in their Showcase
Expert Certificate – Larger projects are presented to global experts to certify their viability and calculations on sustainability and impact.


Connecthings submitted to LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future in January 2012 and were selected by the cities of Barcelona, Derry~Londonderry, Hamburg and Rio de Janeiro. Experts from all four cities carried out the evaluation process and outstanding results are displayed in the Track Record Section of their Showcase.

Success Story

Farglory, a leader in sustainable community development in Taiwan presented the plans for an investment into smart technologies for 3,000 new households in New Taipei City to a global expert panel consisting of Kista Science City, The Climate Group, Architectural Association, Danish Industries and Imperial College London.

The Certificate of Excellence and Innovation is used in building trust with national public and private stakeholders in Taiwan, as well as future residents of the community.

3x Faster Markets

In a world where technology enables us to learn and share solutions at the highest ever rate, we would expect to see solutions that work spread rapidly across society, especially if they are of low technical complexity, save costs and transform lives for the better.

Yet, until today, solutions for cities have rarely spread rapidly. A combination of a lack of knowledge about available solutions and market barriers mean that on a good day a proven solution takes 10-30 years to spread from early adopters to improve lives in larger numbers of communities. This is not just fatal for business, but the majority of citizens also suffer as a result.

Re-invention is a major indication of how inefficient the marketplace can be. Most solutions in cities are in fact locally re-invented at a very high cost in time and money. Typically, a ready solution that can be locally deployed in just 12 months will take 4-8 years to deploy if it is re-invented. And the financial cost will be 10-20x higher. accelerates markets:

1. Calls for Solutions identify all available approaches early on.
2. Any decision-maker can access our Showcase for immediate results.
3. LLGA | Cities Pilot the Future delivers real-life pilots in dozens of cities.
4. Certified and independent validations are available in real-time.


On average, delivers processes 3x faster than the traditional marketplace. For example, Bitcarrier took just 3 months to be selected as the most promising solution in a Call for Solutions by Barcelona, and within a further 3 months had deployed a pilot to prove the viability of their solution to all stakeholders. After just 9 months from first contact, Bitcarrier had completed the first commercial contract and gained a significant project reference.
For both the city and the provider, this transaction would previously have taken 24-36 months with very uncertain results.

Success Story

Socrata saw procurement completed within just 9 months of winning the Call for Solutions by San Francisco, accelerating the spread of their Open Data Cloud Solution to 50 leading public sector organizations around the world as a result.

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