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Empowering the youth with technology
Physical computing on a low budget
Physical computing is about connecting sensors and actuators to computers or micro controllers. Arduino is a micro controller platform ( which is an open source, open hardware platform that has made it both cheaper and easier to get started with physical computing. The platform is perfectly suited to teach technology to children and young people, giving them tools with which they can express themselves. The applications that can be developed, including mobile applications, are limitless. The youths will master both computer programming and hardware construction, important skills in a digital/physical world. This solution addresses the "The knowledge square" challenge in Rio de Janerio and specifically tries to close the social gap through access to technology and innovation and make the youth technology-literate, ready for today’s labour markets. The approach is very "bottom up", instead of proposing ready made solutions for the community, tools are preseneted enabling the community to develop their own solutions.
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