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Contactless tags to bridge real and virtual worlds - Connecthings
Contactless tags to bridge real and virtual worlds
Contactless mobile services for Smart Cities
*Connecthings meets the challenge of giving cities the digital tool for enriching people’s mobility and cultural experience by offering real-time information and contextual services in the areas of transport, culture, tourism and day-to-day life, through the implementation of contactless tags readable by any mobile phone. Smart cities want to keep their smart citizens and visitors always informed with relevant information: when is the bus coming? What is the history of this monument? What is the next event at the exhibition hall? When will the roadwork be done? Because such information is often invisible in a crowded internet place, an expensive approach would be to cover all the cities with digital screens delivering such information to everyone. But why not using another screen that users always have in their pocket: their smart phone! *Connecthings provides contactless mobile services through the implementation of tags (NFC/QR codes) on street furniture and public spaces, finally bridging physical and virtual worlds. . Smart tags are equipped with QR codes which can be read by flashing 100% of smartphones and NFC tags which can be simply read by tapping a smartphone on the tag. Our innovative platform looks for the appropriate existing information in data bases, and gives it back to users on the fastest, smartest and most readable way. Citizens of various major European cities can already experience our amazing digital service today (Paris, Madrid, Nice, Marseille)
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2012 Strasbourg, France
StrasPlus, the city through a simple tap
Connecthings has equipped Strasbourg and its surrounding region (more than 400,000 in...
“Ability to Execute 4.0 out of 5”
“International Market Potential 4.0 out of 5”
LLGA2012 | Cities Pilot the Future, Enhancing visitors' experience in cities Challenge
(May 2012)
“Potential Impact 3.5 out of 5”
LLGA2012 | Cities Pilot the Future, Engaging cruise passengers in Hamburg Challenge
(May 2012)
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