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PE.AMI Lighting Management solution
PE.AMI Lighting Management Solution is a vertical application of PE.AMI, a single bidirectional communication platform designed for M2M, Smart City and utility applications. PE.AMI Lighting Management solution enables advanced services to manage and increase the efficiency of public lighting, opening the door to smart planning, effective maintenance, resource savings, lower emissions and costs both for utility companies and communities. PE.AMI Lighting Management solution is a cost-effective, out-of-the-box easy to install and operate system providing real time information about lamps and lighting grid status and the possibility to tailor lighting along with specific needs or conditions. It helps developing and implementing adaptive-lighting protocols to optimise the performance of the street lighting network without lowering the level of public safety and with no increase on operation costs and maintenance. PE.AMI Lighting Management is based on PE.AMI by Paradox Engineering, the pioneer future proof Smart City wireless full mesh application allowing to integrate incremental applications for additional advanced services (smart metering, parking management, transport management, waste management, and many more) with no need to upgrade existing infrastructures. It allows companies to develop new methods to take advantage of their investments.
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“Climate Impact 3.5 out of 5”
LLGA2012 | Cities Pilot the Future, Integrate wireless control of urban systems Challenge
(May 2012)
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