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Skybus is the new urban transport -
SKYBUS is the smart "à la carte" microbus service that takes passengers where they want at the time they want, sharing the trip with other passengers with similar trips. The SKYBUS SaaS platform manages web & mobile trip requests, allocates them to vehicles and adapts routes in real-time, taking passengers to destinations in the fastest possible way. Personalised, convenient and low-cost, SKYBUS is the sustainable alternative to private car for commuting, specially suited for those who live & work in peripheric areas. As a smart complement to existing radial public transport networks, it connects directly and flexibly sparse outlying residential areas with suburban business parks. SKYBUS can also be used for elderly & disabled, nightlivers & football fans, school kids & teenagers, tourists & mobile workforce. SKYBUS can quickly reduce oil consumption, pollution, greenhouse emissions, noise, traffic, time loss, stress and car accidents in cities. It can relaunch the road transport industry and generate hundreds of new jobs, by replacing oil imports & empty cars by locally-served professional transport. SKYBUS can be deployed within weeks with minimal upfront investment. Our customers are cities who want to expand public transport outreach in a profitable manner, bus companies who want to optimize their costs, and enterprises who want to offer sustainable, high-quality and cost-efficient transport to their employees.
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“Ability to Execute 4.0 out of 5”
“Climate Impact 4.5 out of 5”
“International Market Potential 4.0 out of 5”
“Potential Impact 4.0 out of 5”
“Relevance to the Category Theme 4.0 out of 5”
LLGA2012 | Cities Pilot the Future, Enhancing visitors' experience in cities Challenge
(May 2012)
“Climate Impact 4.5 out of 5”
LLGA2012 | Cities Pilot the Future, Information on local travel & destinations Challenge
(May 2012)
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